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"The wide-ranging Twenty in 20 stories explore varied themes but have one thing in common: they are truly South African stories. Each one makes a unique contribution to our literary landscape."

--Nathi Mthethwa, South African Minister for Arts and Culture,  via Books LIVE.



"It's a great pleasure to be associated with this book...Buy it. Read it. Relish it."

--Deon Meyer, via Burnet Media

"The politics of fear and the burden of responsibility take fearsome shape in Luke Fiske’s formidable ‘Do You Know What a Leader Is?’. The less said about this short story the better, lest I ruin its impact, but I can say that it’s a road narrative that goes into very interesting places, dark, brooding and off kilter.”

Jonathan Amid, via Litnet.

"The winning entry [to Georgetown Review's 2010 Contest] is a short story, “Peace Comes to the Those Who Wait,” by Luke Fiske. The story itself is very strong--narrated in the first person by an elderly South African woman observing her neighbors and the minor and major dramas that unfold in their lives. It’s like an unreliably narrated, South African Rear Window."

Laura Owen, via The Review Review


"The book is not just about Cape Town itself--it's also an account of how a place shapes the lives of those who occupy it. A place is not just a location. It's a living space. As author Stephen Watson says in the introduction, '...the place of one's life is one's life.' The accounts presented won't just be meaningful to Capetonians themselves, but to anyone who's ever had a taste of a city that captures the imagination." 

Andrea van Wyk, via Women Inc.